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Good night in Sweden

Rica Hotels is committed to do our best to make you sleep well with us. We are now offering a pillow menu in all our rooms. With four different pillow options we want you to choose the pillow that fits you best.

We know that a good night's sleep is essential when you perform in meetings, in conference or simply want to enjoy a weekend or holiday. Rica Hotels is focusing on sleep and is now offering its own pillow. A menu that is placed in all our rooms and gives you a choice between soft or firm pillow of good quality, filled with different materials. We hope this will help you finding a pillow that fits your back and neck.

Our pillow menu
Within Rica Hotels you can choose a pillow that suits you - choose between cushions of various materials and degrees of firmness. If you want a different pillow than you find in your bed, call the front desk and they will help you with the pillow you want. You can choose between these pillows:

Down pillow: Exclusive pillow containing 90% down and 10% feathers
Air, cool & breath: Cool pillow that contains 70% Polyester and 30% tencel ball fiber
Neck pillow: Ergonomic pillow that contains 100% viscous foam
Allergy pillow: Antibacterial pillow that contains 100% ball fiber

How to achieve a good sleep
We are also aware that it is not only a good bed and a nice cushion that ensures a good night's sleep. Many factors are behind, and many are struggling with sleep problems. In our book Say good night to day you will find useful sleep tips and how to achieve the good sleep. Please ask for a copy of the book at the front desk.

Good night - sleep well!

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