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Local food

Everyone loves good and genuine food, and everyone likes a good story. Rica Hotels is focusing on Norwegian regional specialties and welcome our guests to a tasty local food experience.

What about trying out milk mousse with syrup of aronia berries for dessert? This is berries that have been carefully hand-picked by the sea of Jæren, concentrated to syrup and stored for a year. The flavor reminiscent of blueberries, but the aronia berries contains three times more antioxidants. And the milk in the mousse comes from happy cows from Nærbø.

24 of Rica Hotels is focusing on Norwegian regional specialties and welcome their guests to a tasty local food experience. Rica Hotels wants to strengthen the character and diversity of the Norwegian food and contribute to vibrant communities and an active farmland. Therefore, we offer our guests food with character and with local ties - simply food that is cultivated with diligence and love, and have high quality. Local food often have a great story behinds it, one that your friendly host gladly will serve you.

Local food on the menu" is a collaboration between Rica Hotels, KSL Matmerk, The agriculture and food departement in Norway, and Innovation Norway.

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