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Good night - sleep tight

The wrong pillow is the most common cause of poor sleep in a hotel, according to a new survey. And that is why Rica Hotels' guests now can choose their own pillows.

"With more than three million guest nights in the last year alone, we know what guests want for a good nights' sleep. We have collaborated with one of Norway's greatest experts in sleep, Professor Ståle Pallesen and, starting in October, we will offer a brand new pillow menu in all of our norwegian hotels," says Pål Semb-Johansson, Rica Hotels' commercial director.

The pillow is most important
Nearly one in four said that their sleep is often, very often or always disturbed by a poor pillow when they sleep in hotels. This is according to a new survey carried out by the National Centre of Expertise for Sleep-related Diseases.

"Poor sleep at a hotel can ruin an important business meeting or an otherwise enjoyable holiday," explains sleep researcher Ståle Pallesen.

"One night with poor sleep is enough to make a negative impact on our ability to concentrate over time. Driving a car over a long distance is an example of a concentration-requiring task that is more difficult after one night of poor sleep. If you sleep poorly for several nights, your mental abilities start to deteriorate. The ability to solve problems and your creativity are reduced, while your reaction time increases. We feel drowsy and get angry more quickly, with poorer control of our emotions," says Pallesen.

Our own pillow menu
Rica Hotels is now striking a blow for better sleep by letting its guests choose their pillows themselves. Starting on 8 October, the hotel chain will offer its guests in Norway its own "pillow menu", containing five different pillows. A sleep advice card will also be found on the bedside table in every hotel room, which will give Rica's guests Ståle Pallesen and Rica Hotels' best advice on how to sleep well. Rica Hotels in Sweden already have a similar consept, but in collaberation with sleep professor Marie Söderstöm.
"We want to offer our guests a good nights' sleep, and we know that the pillow is important for just that," says Pål Semb-Johansson at Rica Hotels.
"It is now up to our guests as to whether they will have a slightly firm, medium firm or extra firm pillow, and whether it is filled with down, microfibre or anti-allergy polyester fibre."

Survey fact sheet:
The hotel sleep survey was carried out by Ståle Pallesen and the Norwegian Centre of Excellence for Sleep-related Diseases in the summer of 2012. The respondents were recruited through a link at dagbladet.no. Over 2,500 responded to the survey, which consisted of questions about how we sleep in hotels, compared with our homes.

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