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Environmental effort

As part of our environmental focus we have decided to aim for the stringest environmental requirements within the hotel industry.

The Swan
The Nordic ecolabel The Swan sets the strictest environmental requirements within the hotel industry, and all 45 of Rica Hotels bears the ecolabel. The purpose of environmental labeling is to contribute to the work on sustainable consumption.

For Rica Hotels, The Swan certification means that we will make changes to the way we operate our hotels. It also means that we have great expectations of our suppliers to act in accordance to our environmental requirements.

We demand for example that all the laundry services we use are environmentally certified. Suppliers involved in renovating and expansion of our hotels must act in accordance with our environmental requirements. Suppliers of cleaning products must provide environmentally labelled products, deliver dosage systems and even come up with equipment that we can even clean without the help of chemicals. We will alter our breakfast and lunch service to ensure that no disposable items are being used. We will improve in sorting all the waste in more fractions and at some hotels we will even implement a machine for composting our own organic waste.

Local Food
24 of our hotels serve regional specialities. The reason for the project has been to strengthen the unique gastronomic identity based on Norwegian food culture. Furthermore, the project will contribute to the development and growth of small scale food producers which contributes to our environment policy of reducing our carbon footprint.

By relying on locally produced food, Rica Hotels contributes not only to viable management, use and preservation of biological diversity, but also to:
- Less transport = reduced climate emissions and reduced road throughput
- Less need for cooling = reduced energy use

In addition, the local producers deliver many organic products, which means that the use of organic products increases day by day.

Sustainability within our suppliers
Rica Hotels puts high demands on our suppliers of goods and services relating to their environmental awareness through:
• Require environmental policy and guidelines
• Require reduction of non-recyclable packaging
• The requirements for eco-labeled products

Rica Hotels is member of Grønt Punkt, which means that all our suppliers must be a member of Grønt Punkt as well.

Indoor enviroment
Rica Hotels will ensure a good indoor climate. We therefore use micro filter in all our vacuum cleaners, and have strict requirements for smoke-free zones.

Environmental Goals
Through the various measures mentioned above, Rica Hotels aim to reduce the burden on the environment and also provide positive economic effects. An environmental profile should help to meet the requirements set by the market today and strengthen our competitiveness to our customers.

Environmental audit
It has established a comprehensive environmental audit that documents the situation monthly for each hotel, region and chain overall.

For more information, contact the environmental and safety manager at Rica Hotels, Lise Sunsby.

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