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1. The membership is personal, and is only available to persons above the age of 18 years. 
2. Abuse of the membership may result in Rica Hotels terminating the membership, and cancelling accrued points. 
3. Rica Hotels have the right to use and store information for marketing and communications purposes by post, e-mail, telephone and SMS. 
4. New members are recruited into White, and a plastic card is issued when a registration form has been fully completed and delivered to the hotel reception. It may take up to 4 weeks for you to receive the card. Silver is issued when the member accrues more than 7 hotel nights during the course of the accrual year. Gold is issued after 25 and Black after 70 registered hotel nights during the course of the accrual year. 
5. If the number of nights is not maintained after 12 months, your card will be downgraded to White, Silver or Gold depending of the number of nights.
6. Address and/or name changes may be registered at www.rica-hotels.com/Points, or by contacting Rica Contact Center by telephone +47 66 85 45 60. 
7. Please contact Rica Contact Center regarding lost cards. By mail  or by telephone +47 66 85 45 60 
8. Discounts from our associates are conditional upon the membership being disclosed upon placing orders with them. 
9. All points are cancelled upon termination of the membership or death. Points cannot be transferred to another member or to another bonus programme. 
10. Rica Hotels reserve the right to amend the applicable rules without prior notice.
11. Rica Hotels reserve the right to withdraw the bonus program with 1 months notice.
12. Gold and Black cardholders are guaranteed a hotel room when booking at least 3 days before the stay for Gold and 2 days for Black. Exceptions in certain periods. The room guarantee is not applicable at Rica Hotel Svolvær in June and July. In cities where Rica have more than 1 hotel, you are guaranteed room at one of them. Trondheim includes Rica Hell Hotel, Værnes.
13. When using the room guarantee we cannot guarantee price- or room category.

Bonus points accrual:
1. As a general rule 500 points are earned per night spent in Rica Hotels in Norway and Sweden, and at Skene House, Aberdeen, Scotland.
2. Bonus points are valid for 3 years after they are received. After 3 years un-used points will be deleted.
3. The cardholder is required to disclose his or her membership upon making reservations and checking in at hotels, in order to ensure the registration of bonus points. It may take up to 3 weeks from a hotel visit until points are registered in the account. 
4. All regular, corporate and campaign prices qualify for bonus point accrual. Free nights, crew nights, Rica Hotels employee nights, Rica friends- & family price and bonus nights do not qualify for bonus point accrual.
5. Points are earned irrespective of who pays for the hotel visit. 
6. Points are only earned for the cardholder's own hotel nights; i.e. for 1 room and 1 person. 
7. Retroactive registration of points as a consequence of the membership number not having been disclosed upon reservation or check-in, or because it has for any other reason not been registered, must take place within 6 months of the hotel visit, but not in respect of any dates prior to the commencement of the membership. A copy of the hotel invoice must be forwarded to Rica Contact Center. 
8. To receive retroactive registered bonus points please send the following information to: Dates upon arrival and departure, your membership number and the name of the hotel you stayed at. Bonus points that is more than 2 months old will not be retroactive registered.
9. The first accrual year runs from the first day of membership until the last day of the same month of the subsequent year. Thereafter, each accrual year last for 12 months.
10. Rica Hotels reserves the right to terminate the membership if there is no points accrual over a 3-year period. 
11. The card cannot be combined with other bonus programmes, such as e.g. SAS EuroBonus. 
12. Special rules apply to point accrual in connection with marketing campaigns. Such rules are determined by Rica Hotels in each individual case.

Bonus points use:
1. Points may be used for weekend stays at all Rica Hotels in Norway and Sweden and Skene House in Aberdeen, Scotland.
2. One hotel night is charged at 5.000 Points per room, per night in weekend (Friday-Sunday) and 10.000 Points on week days (Sunday-Friday). Available by capacity.
3. Bonus nights may be reserved by the member via Rica Contact Center by telephone 
+47 66 85 45 60, or by e-mail: 
4. It must be disclosed upon placing the reservation that one is booking a bonus night. 
5. Bonus nights may be used by the immediate family and friends of the member, without the member staying as well, provided that the reservation is placed by the member himself or herself via Rica Contact Center (applies to Silver, Gold and Black only). 
6. A bonus night applies a double standard room for 1 or 2 persons included breakfast.
7. It is not permitted for two or more members to add their points together or to transfer points to someone else's card for purposes of fulfilling the requirement for points use. Bonus points cannot be used as part payment, and cannot be converted into cash.  
8. Bonus points remain valid for 3 years from the accrual date. The first points earned will be used first. Invalid points are deleted automatically. 
9. Bonus nights are subject to hotel capacity restraints. A limited number of rooms have been reserved for this category. If all of these rooms are taken, there may of course still be rooms available in other price categories. 
10. At some hotels in Norway, bonus nights can't be used during the summer period due to capacity. Applies to: Rica Hotel Grimstad, Hotel Norge, Rica Dyreparken Hotel, Rica Hotel Svolvær, Farsund Resort and Laholmen Hotel.
11. Cancellation of bonus stays is governed by the general cancellation routines of the hotel. Points will not be reversed due to late cancelations.   
12. Account information is only available to the member himself or herself via Rica Contact Center, or by logging on to www.rica-hotels.com/Points, and stating the membership number and password. 
13. The value of bonus points accrued via employment or business activities, and used for private purposes, shall be reported for taxation by the member by way of entering the bonus points use in the member's tax return.

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