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Refreshments during conferences

Refreshments are essential for a successful conference. It provides the necessary replenishment of energy. Therefore, we propose tempting fruits and vegetables.

Remember to book refreshments in advance!
So that our conference department can provide the best service, we request a notice in advance of what snacks is desired served during breaks. Contact the hotel directly for this.

We offer the following suggestions:

1. Seven grains with todays offer
Compose it yourself - ham, tuna, cheese and more - The options are many. Discuss it with us!

2. Apricot and Pumpkin roll with Jarlsberg cheese and turkey ham
Juicy and fresh apricots and pumpkin roll with Jarlsberg cheese and turkey ham - something other than the traditional baguette.

3. Crispy vegetables with herb cream
We put out a variety of sliced ​​and fresh vegetables. With our herb cream this tastes delicious.

4. Fresh fruit of all kinds
Chopped fruits is invigorating and refreshing - both traditional and exotic varieties.

5. Fresh fruit and Mana
With a glass of Mana you increase the intake of antioxidants in the break.

6. Polar Pause
Why not? What's more refreshing than cold temptations at halftime? Ask the hotel for suggestions on different icecreams.

7. Heart cakes
A little piece of sweet do no harm, try our heart cake with vanilla cream.

8. Mini Chocolate Eclair
Delightful cream puffs filled with savory egg custard!

9. Drink Pause
You do not always have to have something to eat - refreshing mineral water and fresh coffee also belongs to the breaks.

10. Local specialties - ask us!
You can challenge the hotel kitchen to suggest local traditional dishes.

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