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Stiklestad Hotell

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30. April1250.00Choose01. May1250.00Choose02. May950.00Choose03. May950.00Choose04. May950.00Choose
05. May1100.00Choose06. May1250.00Choose07. May1250.00Choose08. May1250.00Choose09. May950.00Choose10. May950.00Choose11. May950.00Choose

Breakfast and internet is included

Price is for one person in the cheapest room category. Availability and prices are updated three times a day and may differ from actual availability.

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Please contact the hotel directly for reservation of more than five rooms.

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Stiklestad Hotell

Leksdalsvegen 1 Verdal, 7650Fax(+47) 74 04 42 11

(+47) 74 04 42 00

General Manager:

Breakfast and internet included in the price

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